FPS complete

Our FPS game is now completed and we have moved on to a new project called Semper Nox, it will be a 3rd person hack ‘n slash game.


Hello again, here is some screenshots from our FPS project and our new Showbox.

Well been working alot at school recently but here is finally a small status update.

The RTS game was completed 4 weeks ago and we are halfway trough our FPS projects.

We have also completed the Network and AI courses and moved on to Shader programming and Scripting.

Here is a screenshot from Defenders of Tanotia.


Got a bit of spare time this evening an decided to fix rotation for the sprites in my 2D Engine (side project).

The screenshot shows the engine rendering 1 000 000 10×10px Sprites with random rotation generated in the geometry shader using direct X10.

More info about the projects will be added during the weekend.

First Update!

After a week of hard work on our current project I finaly decided to make an update on my new site.

In the recent week I’ve been working alot with our heightfield(as usuall) and refined our texture splatting technique once again.

The picture below shows a screenshot directly from our level editor and shows one of the tribe factions unit along with some props.