This is our ShowBox, used since the FPS project. It mainly consists of 2 parts, a modelviewer and a particle editor.

ShowBox key features:

  • Uses same engine as the game.
  • Maya and free-look camera-modes.
  • Light on/off switch for model-light configuration.
  • Reference object toggle.

ModelViewer key features:

  • Creating our own .boom file format for the models, for faster loading times in the game.(file format by Simon Lövgren and Robin Doeleman)
  • Setting properties on model node hierarchy like shader, shadow-casting.
  • Setting light properties on light nodes exported from Maya.
  • Splitting up animation key-frames.
  • Moving/Rotating the object for checking the shadows etc.
  • Wireframe support to see the selected model-node.
  • Attaching Emitters/Streaks to model locators exported from Maya.
  • Creating/Editing streaks and saving them to our own .boos format.

ParticleEditor key features:

  • Creating our own .booe (emitter) format for easy and fast loading in the game.
  • Creating emitter hierarchies for explosions with debris etc.
  • Key-frame animated alpha/size on particles for fade in/out etc.
  • Moving emitters for caparison with objects.